Institutions & Effective Climate Action

International & Comparative


December 1-2

Queen's University

Donald Gordon Conference Centre

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Three Themes.

One Mission.

We aim to further the understanding of:

Roles of divided government jurisdictions in climate action

Roles of rights and the courts in climate action

Roles of public/private actors in climate action

Presentation Topics

The conference will leverage and strengthen relationships between researchers from Canada, the US and Europe, bringing them together to explore the key themes across a wide range of critical policy areas, including:

  • Pricing Emissions
  • Transforming Energy Infrastructure
  • Adapting Communities for Climate Extremes
  • Addressing Ecological Risks
  • Credible Climate Commitments & Accountability
  • Climate Change Equities
  • Distributive Effects of Climate Policy

The need for effective climate change mitigation and adaptation is clear and urgent. However, states are far behind the ambitious goals they need to reach to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.

This research exchange brings an international and comparative perspective to help uncover how legal institutions contribute to lagging climate action. Institutional and legal reform may be needed if climate policy is to succeed. Or the difficulty of reform may mean that “second-best” approaches need to be developed. Ultimately the goal is optimistic–to see how law and legal institutions can be better leveraged to drive effective climate strategy.



Queen's University

Donald Gordon Conference Centre

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